Why Use Oxidation Technologies?

Clean-up standards and discharge limits are getting lower and trending towards zero discharge of hazardous compounds (ZDHC).  Many of the compounds like 1,4-Dioxane, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and hormones are not able to be treated or are extremely expensive to treat with conventional technologies.  Oxidation technologies provide a safe and sustainable way to destroy these recalcitrant organic compounds.  This can often be done at room temperature, without utilizing liquid chemicals and without creating residual “left-over” chemicals in the waste stream.  Further, these technologies, when correctly applied, can often be less expensive than the technologies they replace.  Oxidation Testing and Solutions has a laboratory which allows us to tailor these oxidation solutions to your specific application and to generate accurate estimates of full-scale treatment costs.  

Our Mission:

Our laboratory provides us the capability to test alternative oxidation and advanced oxidation approaches to determine cost-effective ways to meet our client’s needs.  Where clients want single source accountability, in addition to our laboratory services, we can provide design and installation services.  Our testing laboratory and our experience allows us to complete our mission of providing clients quick, cost-effective analysis of their problems and to develop solutions which are sustainable and protective of the environment.